All Natural Periodontal, Oral Treatments For Dogs

all natural canine periodontal remedies

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Does your canine friend have bad breath? Or has problems with their teeth? Dogs are very similar to people and may have these issues. Some dogs may have perfect teeth and may not need any help. Some of these oral hygiene issues your dog may have may be caused by simply your pets diet or anything else they may chew.

Just like humans, dogs can have better outcomes in maintaining oral hygiene, which includes:

  •  Good resistance to oral infections
  • Less plaque build up
  • More pleasant breath
  • Soothing of gums
  • Prevention of problems that result in gum inflammation

Most dog periodontal problems are caused by many common factors such as gingivitis which is the most common and is more than likely to be the reason for your pets bad breath. Gingivitis is usually the bad bacteria in the mouth that may turn the gums a reddish color and inflame them and it builds up between the teeth and the gum line. If your dog is experiencing these problems you should treat them as soon as it occurs to reverse the effect.

Your canine’s periodontal health is something every owner must be aware of once the dog has reached the ages between 2-3 since these multiple factors of the oral status is more critical as the dog ages. Untreated, your dog may end up losing teeth and you wouldn’t want that to happen, so taking care of the problem with the right product would give your furry friend proper relief.

How can oral hygiene in dogs be treated?  

The best way in treating oral hygiene and periodontal health in dogs is by using a more natural and holistic way. A potent infused herbal product with added nutrients may alleviate these symptoms without using any harsh chemicals and inducing any bad reactions to your dogs system.

One of the best treatments out there is Healthy Gums, from Pet Wellbeing, which will lessen the inflammation of the gums and kill off the bad breath while soothing the gums and oral membranes and also reduce the bacteria growth in the dogs mouth. Healthy Gums is formulated to maintain the natural immunity of the tissues within the gums and skins barriers.

Pet Wellbeing was founded in 2001, and is both based here in America and also in Vancouver, Canada. They are strongly dedicated to achieving the best results in all of your pets health problems. All of the products they use were designed as holistic and all natural. Because of this they are very confident in all their treatments that they have a 90 day money back guarantee refund policy assuring that your pets symptoms will get better and not worse.

All of the products that Pet Wellbeing has like I mentioned are all holistic and natural. Healthy Gums, has many different herbal ingredients which contains, Calendula  flower, which is used to support the normal healing of the skin. Also, marshmallow root, which has the extract from the marshmallow root that soothes the soft skin around the gums that are inflamed and helps heal those tissues. You can also find Goldenseal root, which helps to maintain the immunity function throughout the body. Healthy Gums has many more all natural ingredients which you can also find in the list of ingredients on the web-page.

all natural canine periodontal remedies In order for your dog to start feeling like themselves again the best and easiest way to apply Healthy Gums is by using a dropper and apply it directly on to the gums and administer twice a day. Each dog is definitely different in size so be aware of the dosing depending on how much your dog weighs on the back of the bottle.

However, keep in mind to make sure that there is enough to coat the entire affected area of the gums. You may also find it useful to gently use your fingertip to spread it around easier, just pay attention to your dog and be mindful that you aren’t actually adding anymore discomfort.

So if you want your canine pal to get rid of that nasty old dog breath and don’t want the periodontal health to get any worse, and you don’t want unnecessary trips to the vet, this product may be what you need. Healthy Gums, is the best holistic and all natural remedy to treat those gums with no added harsh chemicals and it is right for you and your pet. Get rid of any of those oral hygiene problems in just the matter of a few weeks. Get yours today by clicking on any of the links and order yours now!!

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