Herbal Dog Remedies for Canine Diabetes

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Yes, dogs can have diabetes. In fact, dog diabetes is very much like the condition in humans. Canine diabetes occurs when the animal’s pancreas fails to produce enough insulin to adequately metabolize glucose and allow it to be used as energy by the cells. When the cells fail to take up the glucose, it builds up in the bloodstream, which can cause damage to several organs.

Any breed of dog can develop diabetes mellitus, although it’s seen more often in schnauzers, poodles, Samoyeds, English setters, and Yorkshire terriers. Dog diabetes can also strike any age, although it’s more commonly seen in older dogs and dogs of middle-age. It’s also more prevalent in females and overweight individuals.

There are two types of diabetes that can affect dogs – Type I diabetes and diabetes insipidus, but diabetes insipidus is rare. Most canine diabetes is the Type I, also known as “insulin dependent diabetes.”

Symptoms of canine diabetes

Symptoms of dog diabetes can vary from dog to dog, but the most common symptoms are increased urination, excessive thirst, abdominal pain, a decrease in muscle mass, and cloudy eyes, which can be a symptom of cataracts.

Because an affected dog can’t properly utilize glucose for energy, it’s usually lethargic. The dog might display an increased appetite and eat more, although it might actually lose weight.

Effects of dog diabetes

If dog diabetes is left untreated, there can be numerous complications. Sores and other types of injuries will be slow to heal, and internal organs can be permanently damaged.

The organs most at risk from diabetes mellitus are the kidneys, liver, and heart. The disease can also result in blindness, susceptibility to infections, and a shortened lifespan.

Herbal dog remedy treatments for dog diabetes

If your pet is showing symptoms of diabetes, take it to your veterinarian as soon as possible. With proper treatment, your dog can live a happy life, often with a normal lifespan.

Your vet will test your dog’s blood or urine to discover the level of glucose in the fluid. The treatment will usually depend on how severe your dog’s case is. Mild forms of canine diabetes can often be managed with a change of diet and lifestyle. Overweight dogs will need to lose weight, and sedentary dogs will probably need to get more exercise.

herbal dog remediesFor more serious cases of dog diabetes, the dog will probably have to have insulin injections for the rest of its life. Insulin doses and feeding times will have to be carefully coordinated and monitored.

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If you make the wise choice to use Blood Sugar Gold with your diabetic dog, inform your vet first. The ingredients in the product have the ability to lower blood glucose levels, so you might need to adjust the amount of insulin you give your pet.