Herbal dog remedies general information

Information about herbal dog remedies

Humans have been using all natural, herbal remedies for years. In fact these were the first types of medicines made. Now more and more pet lovers are discovering the benefits of herbal dog remedies and all natural pet treatments.

All natural, holistic and herbal dog remedies are often used together when describing pet remedies made from plants. Basically they all mean that the products are NOT made from synthetic, concentrated chemicals.

Why normal dog medicine can be bad

Both humans and now pets are starting to become targets of the big pharmacy companies. Many of these drugs cause a wide range of side effects, in fact it’s hard to find any that don’t! This is because of the concentrated chemicals in them.

Pharmacy companies rush out new pills and drugs before there is enough time to fully understand the long term effects of them on the body of humans and pets. It’s so common to learn about new bad health effects of popular drugs a few years after they come out. By then it’s too late as the drugs have built up in the body.

Too many dogs are being over medicated, suffering from new maladies over time from the very drugs they are given for something else. Toxins build up in their bodies over time, causing many new health problems for them.

Why herbal dog remedies are good

All natural and herbal dog remedies are made from extracts taken from plants and herbs that have proven to have healing powers. There are hundreds of different plants that have great medicinal properties.

Because holistic remedies are taken from plants and herbs, they are very safe for your pet. There are virtually no side effects at all as each product is made to only treat a specific disease or condition. That means there is no other added chemicals that produce unwanted side effects.

Also since they are safe for long term use they do not build up unwanted toxins in the body, so there is no danger if they are accidentally giving too much of a dose. In fact many can be used for long term use to keep your dog healthy.

Finding the best herbal pet company

When looking for good all natural, herbal dog remedies you do want to buy from a trusted brand. Like everything else there are many products out there that don’t work or can even be harmful.

Good holistic dog remedy companies use Doctor of veterinary medicine graduates, who specialize in all natural, herbal pet therapy. They also often belong to many associations, like the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy and many more.

The three companies below are what many herbal dog remedy customers consider the most trustworthy with proven products. They have been around for years and have a proven track record of great herbal remedies that work!


Based in Canada, Pet Wellbeing is one of the most popular and trusted herbal dog remedy companies today. Patricia Jordan, DVM, Dr. Janice Huntingford and Dr. Patricia Jordan are their team of Veterinary doctor’s that oversee all their products.

all natural herbal dog remedies Pet Wellbeing has been making all natural dog remedies for years in their Canadian facility, with products for just about all dog diseases and conditions. In fact they now have safe yet effective treatments for over 120 common pet ailments.

All of their products are developed by certified veterinarians, Naturopathic doctors, and a Master Herbalist. Everything is 100% all natural with no chemicals used. They list all ingredients for each product so you see exactly what your getting. You always get a 90 day money back guarantee with each product.

Also all orders over $50.00 have free overnight shipping, and you can chat live with one of their experts. Each herbal pet remedy has complete instructions, customer reviews and you can even ask questions online.

For the best herbal dog remedies from a trusted company, nobody beats Pet Wellbeing. Check out their website today and read for yourself the reviews, questions and answers and learn lots more!


Another great herbal pet company is VETiONX. They don’t carry as wide a range of products as the one above, but what they do have works great and is very safe for your dog. Their all natural pet remedies are made for all types of pets, from horses to cats.

herbal dog remediesAll of their herbal products are liquid based, so you can put it right in your pets water or feed it to your pet with a dropper. They have a great skin care product that is 100% all natural and works wonders. Pain, stress, arthritis and more are conditions you can find herbal remedies for here.

Dr. Char Wilson and Victoria Swanson are part of their veterinary team. Combining degrees in Veterinary Medicine, holistic therapy, Dog Training and Behavioral Issues they are happy to answer your questions. They have a 60 day money back guarantee and you can view all product ingredients.

If your looking for an all natural skin condition treatment, herbal shampoo or other herbal dog remedies, check out the Vetionx website and see what they can do for you!

1st Pet Naturals

Offering a wide range of herbal dog remedies, 1st Pet Naturals is another top herbal pet treatments products company. They have many different types of remedies for most types of pets.

herbal dog remediesLike the others, Dr. Loridawn Gordon is their resident expert at 1st Pet Naturals. She has a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and a HPTG from the College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine. Their products are 100% all natural and help most common pet aliments for cats and dogs.

Based in Canada they offer online chat for your questions, a pet forum plus an informational pet blog. You can find just about any type of herbal dog remedy here, or helpful information about the condition if they don’t have it. In fact there is quite a bit of useful pet health information on this site.

So make sure you check out 1st Pet Naturals and browse all their herbal dog remedies. Feel free to ask them questions and feel good about getting your pet quality all natural treatments!


So there you have it, useful information about herbal dog remedies and the top three companies to find them. Use the top menu to get to specific dog diseases or conditions your looking for to find out more and the best herbal remedy to use.

Of course for any major injuries or canine symptoms you can’t figure out, make sure you see a Vet. But if you already know what your dog has and want to treat your friend right, try all natural, herbal dog remedies and treat your dog right today!