All natural dog allergies remedy

all natural dog allergy treatment
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Did you know that it was possible for dogs to have allergies? Dogs can be allergic to many substances in their world, very similar to allergies in humans. Some of the most common dog allergies are insect bites, seasonal allergies, and flea bites.

Just like people, dogs have symptoms of allergies. Common Symptoms of Allergies in Dogs are:

• Hot spots or eruptions on your dog’s skin
• Breathing difficulties
• Itching and inflamed toes or ears
• Excess mucous production in nasal passages

Dog allergies have many causes including common factors like pollen, weeds, grasses, and plants. While many dogs have no problems with these natural factors, your dog may be allergic to them. Allergies cause abnormal reactions that show up differently in individual dogs. Each dog will have their own individual symptoms for the allergy.

Because of this, determining what a dog is allergic to is difficult. However, if you can, try, because just avoiding the allergy producing substance will give your dog a lot of relief.

How can allergies in dogs be treated?

One of the best ways of treating allergies in dogs is using a holistic approach. Herbal formulas can relieve the symptoms of allergies without inducing other reactions or putting harsh chemicals into your dog’s system.

One successful treatment is Nettle-Eyebright Gold, which will calm allergy symptoms in dogs, and soothe the irritation. Nettle-Eyebright is formulated to support the entire immune system.

The primary herbs, Nettle and Eyebright are used often to alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies. The other ingredients work to subdue the allergic reactions specific to dogs.

What does Nettle-Eyebright specifically treat?

Interestingly, allergies in dogs are very similar to allergies in humans. Nettle-Eyebright is formulated to treat allergic rhinitis (hay fever) which inflames the nasal passages.

Dogs will often rub their noses to try and get relief. Other symptoms are watery, red eyes, sneezing, and excess nasal mucus. These can be caused by seasonal allergies to outdoor plants, or year-round allergies to indoor molds and dust.

all natural dog allergy remedies Nettle-Eyebright is also helpful in treating dogs for over-sensitive immune systems, and an abundance of histamine. Histamine is triggered when a sensitive immune system has an allergic reaction.

Unfortunately, histamine just increases the symptoms in the eyes, nose, and respiratory tract causing more discomfort. Nettle-Eyebright combats this problem in the following ways:

• By providing natural anti-histamines
• By supporting the overall health of the immune system
• By providing ingredients that support the comfort of nasal passages, decrease excess mucous production and support the respiratory tract
• By helping with inflammation that can cause discomfort

If your dog is already on prescription drugs, consult with your veterinarian before using Nettle-Eyebright.