Holistic, all natural dog skin care remedy treatments

all natural canine skin remedies
All natural dog skin care treatment!

Does your dog have skin problems? Does your pet itch and scratch, even chew bald patches in his or her coat? Does your dog have a skin condition like dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis?

How about hot spots, hives, rashes or even a simple wound that’s taking a long time to heal? If so, your dog is clearly not “comfortable in its own skin.” But there is something you can do: Try Derma Chews for Dogs.

Derma Chews is an all natural, homeopathic treatment to relieve the symptoms of skin irritation for dogs. It helps relieve problems like dryness, itching, roughness and chapped or cracking skin.

Using all natural ingredients, these problems can be quickly and painlessly eliminated, and on top of that, Derma Chews further promotes natural skin health and vitality. There’s no need for your dog to suffer the constant discomfort of unhealthy skin.

Canine skin problems

A major cause of unhealthy skin in dogs is skin disease, in particular dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. All of these attack the natural health of your dog’s skin. Until Derma Chews, pet owners had few good all-natural treatment options for their dog’s skin health. Many resorted to harsh chemical compounds out of dire need.

But now you have an option that won’t further irritate your dog’s already beleaguered skin. It’s alcohol-free, and it goes straight to your dog’s skin cells and gets to work speeding up the natural repair process without harsh chemicals. And again, it’s all natural! That means there are no known negative side effects.

Even better for you, it’s easy to administer. You won’t have to wrestle with your canine friend or hide the medicine conspicuously in food. This homeopathic dog remedy comes in chew able form and can be administered as easily as putting it in their food. If the size of the chew is too large you can give them half at a time. For once, an easy medication to dish out!

All natural dog skin care treatment

This all natural dog skin care remedy is made by Vetionx, a well known holistic pet products company. They offer a 60 day money back guarantee on their products, free shipping in the US and live online chat to answer your pet health questions.

And for the worriers out there, Derma Chew is safe. It uses a chew able formula developed using homeopathic components stabilized into an all natural oligotherapeutic complex that really works.

Furthermore, as a homeopathic product—which are recognized as drugs by the FDA—it is listed with the FDA (label identification code 50364), and it is made in an FDA registered and compliant manufacturing facility. The bottom line, your dog is in safe, reliable hands with Derma Chews.

The best part is that Derma Chews works fast. Pet owners using Derma Chews typically see a marked change in the condition of their pet’s skin in as little as one or two weeks.

Optimal results normally come with continued treatment, and a course of ninety days is recommended for generating and maintain ideal progress (extreme and crisis cases obviously may require more).

Each bottle contains 4.23 oz 60 chews, and typical dosage for any dog is 1 chew per 25 lbs body weight, daily of Derma-Chews per thirty-sixty-day period. That means, for barely over a couple dollars a day, you can finally bring your dog the relief he or she needs. If you buy in quantity, greater discounts may apply.

Don’t let your pet suffer another day with a gnawing skin condition. Put an end to the rashes, hives and hot spots dogging your dog. Bring relief to your furry friend quickly and efficiently with all natural Derma-Chews. Get yours today.